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Hi, welcome to the EatSleepRugby Club. We got thinking, we could set up a free to join club that people could join in a matter of minutes.  If people gave us their email addresses we could do great things.

Great things include:
-Sending out regular emails with all the latest Rugby news in a simple to read digest.
-Provide exclusive content for free.
– Supplying our ‘Club members’ with special offer discounts that rugby suppliers keep approaching us with. Including head starts on limited deals before they go out to the rest of the public.

Great things DO NOT include:
-Selling your email address to anyone, EVER (We HATE it when that happens to us.)
-Ignoring requests to take you off the email list. When you want off, you’ll get off, no fuss, no questions. You’ll stay un-contacted until the day you change your mind and not before.

Frequently Anticipated Questions

Why start the EatSleepRugby Club?
We have a substantial following on Twitter, but what if Twitter closed down next week? What if Facebook closed down? We’d be sat here with all this great rugby info, knowledge and deals just twiddling our thumbs and wondering how to reach you all. By setting up the EatSleepRugby Club and getting you to join by simply submitting your email address, we make ourselves more robust and will send you more information as a bonus. Did we mention the offers?

Are you just going to send us SPAM?
No, we’ve turned down weird marketing requests from companies who wanted to push weird stuff on you lot. ESR is run by people who know Rugby, we have a decent idea of what you’ll like and what you’ll find annoying. We think, short term, it would be great to make a load of money, but prefer the idea of having you stick around long term and actually liking us by not merely selling out.

-What sort of deals will you send?
We’ll send stuff that we think you’ll like, boots, rugby kit, mouthguards, any sort of stash including clothing, kit bags….anything you’ve seen used or worn in a Rugby club in the past 12 months. Relevance is the key, so we could include tour organisers, or even flights to Lions tour destinations. the world is our oyster but it has to remain rugby related.

-What is this exclusive content?
We’ll send interviews, articles, and reminders to you first before they go out on our Twitter feed (Where possible). The Daily news digest will give a useful guide at-a-glance to the main rugby news stories that day without having to trawl through your news feeds.

How will you try to make money out of us?
We won’t, well not directly. We may stick a couple of paid adverts on the email, get it sponsored or negotiate a small cut of any sales that come from anything you buy (at a discount courtesy of us). Best to be upfront about this. If the thought of sponsored stuff turns you off then just remember about the RBS 6 Nations. See, it’s not the worst thing is it? You can simply ignore that element and enjoy the rest of it! (But if you ARE after a mouthguard and see a mouthguard ad from us, naturally, use that offer code and get a discount.)

And you won’t sell our details?
Categorically no! Companies who do that are a pain. My hotmail account had to have it’s Junk Mail filter turned up to the max to prevent my receiving tonnes of junk mail.

Will your emails go into my Junk Mail?
This is very possible depending on your junk mail settings, simply add us as a contact or onto your safe list and start receiving emails in your inbox.


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