I don’t know if this is a mission statement like on ‘Jerry Maquire’, but it’s close… goes.

We’ve worked hard to build up ESR and we’re proud of what we’ve achieved in building a community of followers. We have meetings internally to discuss how to grow it as a business but we really get fizzing with excitement when we discuss how ESR could be used to do good things.

There are rugby players of different backgrounds across the world, many of which live in really challenging conditions yet still love the game of Rugby. It’s sort of a force that binds us together and ignores gender, faith, politics and geopolitical factors.

So where possible, we would like to help facilitate the Rugby community to help each other; maybe through spreading the word of charities already helping to spread Rugby or providing kit or equipment to Rugby clubs in disadvantaged parts of the world.

We at ESR are keen to promote charities that are dedicated to changing the lives of the rugby community. They dedicate their time to giving people a better life and we are wanting to help in any way that we can. Assisting with campaigns, providing news updates or at the very least providing this page as a resource where we can list charities that are doing good work around the world and how our followers can help. The format of this page will form over time and probably evolve, but lets see how it goes.

Let us know if you have a charity close to your heart that you would like to see on this page. You can contact us via Facebook/ Twitter or even in the comments below.

Lets pay it forward, whilst always passing back.


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